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Lighthearted. Imaginative. Woo. Corey Mock is an eclectic optimist with an aversion to the word “no.” Corey is a serial promoter of others and has been referred to as the “community’s wingman.” Professionally, Corey is the Executive Director of Greater Grand Forks Young Professionals, a North Dakota state representative, and owner of Dr. Eliot’s Twice Sold Tales. Corey and his wife, Jeannie, live near downtown Grand Forks with their two golden retrievers, Macie and TJ.

Corey Mock’s Official Biography

While often known for his colorful socks and unique ties, Corey Mock has been a multi-issue advocate within the North Dakota House of Representatives since 2008. Corey has served two four-year terms representing north Grand Forks, including the University of North Dakota, at the state capitol in Bismarck, ND. After moving closer to downtown, Corey has been endorsed to succeed the seat of longtime colleague and friend, Rep. Eliot Glassheim.

For nearly a decade, Corey has been known around the capitol as the leader of ethics and campaign finance reform. He has repeatedly introduced legislation to create a state ethics commission, establish a legislative redistricting commission, prohibit personal use of campaign funds, and require more transparency of campaign financing.

While Corey is known for his “good government” efforts, he is far from a one-issue legislator. Corey believes strongly in constituent services and has worked tirelessly by sponsoring — and passing — laws and programs for organ donor education, veteran tuition assistance, public safety reform, licensure for sign language interpreters, and authorization of e-verify systems to ensure North Dakota jobs are filled by legal residents.

Many of Corey’s unspoken accomplishments come from his tenure as Assistant Minority Leader in the ND House. Some people demand to be heard. Corey, however, often prefers to listen and work with his colleagues. Which is why Corey frequently works with fellow lawmakers to draft legislation and address the concerns of their neighbors. In 2015, Corey established a bipartisan coalition to pass the John Wall New Voices Act — a student journalistic freedom bill — with the lead support of Rep. Jessica Haak of Jamestown.

In addition to serving on the legislature, Corey is the Executive Director of Greater Grand Forks Young Professionals and owner of Dr. Eliot’s Twice Sold Tales. His wife, Jeannie Mock, is a member of the Grand Forks City Council. Together, they “rent” their home in Near Southside Grand Forks from their two Golden Retrievers, Macie and TJ.

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