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Month: January 2013

Capitol Letters: January 12, 2013

This week in the North Dakota Legislature, explained by Dem-NPL leadership in three minutes or less

Stay safe
“No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session,” Mark Twain supposedly said. If you are of the same belief as Samuel Clemens, then lock your doors. The 63rd North Dakota Legislative Assembly convened in Bismarck this week.

To help you keep tabs on your elected leaders, we will be bringing you this weekly summary. We hope to make it interesting, relevant, and, most importantly, brief. Enjoy.

No more high fives? Or let the good times roll?
Each session in recent years has started with the governor’s address on the state of the state. It would have been a fun speech to give this year, no doubt. We are all thankful that North Dakota is doing well economically secondary to the oil boom and a strong agricultural sector.

Your Dem-NPL leadership team had a chance to respond to Governor Dalrymple’s address this week, and we did our best to get to the point: While the state of the state address is an appropriate time to reflect on North Dakota’s economic good fortune, going forward there can be “no more high fives” if we are to address immediate needs and capitalize on opportunities during this critical, time-limited session. That message — focusing on the work before us rather than patting ourselves on the back — seems pretty well in-tune with how we do things in North Dakota and was generally well received. With the exception of the Forum editorial board, that is.

You’ll see our response to this word-twisting editorial on the Forum opinion page soon, but suffice it to say we are sticking to our guns about what has to happen during the remaining 76 days of the session. Our prosperity has come with challenges — to our infrastructure, to our schools, and to our quality of life. It’s also presented us with the chance to seize opportunities that will make for a strong North Dakota after the oil boom has subsided. So let’s get off of our laurels (amongst other things) and get to work.

The right fights: Medicaid expansion
Each week, we’ll profile some of the priorities we are fighting for on the floors of our respective chambers. Whether it is increasing oil patch communities’ share of oil tax revenues, providing meaningful property tax relief for North Dakota families, ensuring open and transparent government by requiring disclosure of corporate and union political expenditures, or addressing the daycare crisis and increasing access to early childhood education, we believe these fights are the right ones for North Dakota families. We aim to make you proud.

This week features Sen. Tim Mathern from Fargo’s District 11 and his efforts to expand access to healthcare in North Dakota. We all know Tim is a passionate fighter and an expert on policy nuance when it comes to healthcare. As all good fighters know, it never hurts to have a little help. That is why Sen. Mathern is calling for bipartisanship in the wake of the news that the executive budget endorses expanding Medicaid in the state.

Here’s a quick primer on this issue: Under the health care reform law, states can expand Medicaid eligibility by up to 138% of the poverty level, meaning access to healthcare for thousands of residents who would otherwise go without health insurance. Where states choose to expand Medicaid in this fashion, the federal government will pick up 100% of the tab.

Now, if this were a 100% federal match for roads, there would be no question about whether we would take the federal government up on its offer. Since this is falls under the health care reform law, however, some of our friends on the other side of the aisle oppose Medicaid expansion based on vague allusions to “Obamacare.” Sen. Mathern, Dem-NPL legislators, and pragmatic members of the majority see this issue for what it is: An opportunity to expand access to health care for North Dakotans and reduce reliance on expensive emergency room care at no cost to the state.

It is a matter of practicality and common sense as much as it is compassion, and we’ll be working hard to make sure that those principles prevail over ideology on the issue of Medicaid expansion this session.

Head-shaker of the week
Often during the course of the session, we experience things that leave us shaking our heads in disbelief. Instead of keeping our bewilderment to ourselves, we’re going to share them with you in our “head-shaker of the week” feature.

This week’s head-shaker comes from Representative Skip Drovdal of Arnegard. We like Representative Drovdal. He’s a nice person who treats his colleagues with respect. That’s why we aren’t going to be too hard on him for indicating support for cutting taxes paid by oil companies. Specifically, Rep. Drovdal was quoted in a recent article as saying, “We need to get money back to them[.]”

To be fair, North Dakota has benefitted greatly from oil, something we wouldn’t have without investment from oil companies. But let’s keep in mind that those oil companies are doing awfully, awfully well. And those immediate needs we talked about above? We can ask oil companies to continue to pay their fair share so we can address them.

Done reading but still not satiated? Read all about this week’s legislative work by following the links below. In the mean time, enjoy the blizzard and stay out of the ditch. More next week.

Sen. Mac Schneider (Dem-NPL Floor Leader); Sen. Joan Heckaman (Dem-NPL Asst. Floor Leader)

Rep. Kenton Onstad (Dem-NPL Floor Leader); Rep. Corey Mock (Dem-NPL Asst. Floor Leader)


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