Corey Mock

Month: November 2012

Victory Volunteers

Friends —

We’re just a few days away from election day. And this is where we can really use your help to get the campaign across the finish line. 

Over the next few days, we’ll be looking for volunteers to help on campus (students, especially), around the district, and at our victory party. Please don’t be shy… you can join Mac Schneider, Kylie Oversen, and Corey Mock as they do all three. 

Campus Volunteers

Campus volunteering includes visiting with students and encouraging them to vote in this year’s election. We will provide training so you know the laws and voting locations. Friends helping friends – we love it! We also need creative individuals to help channel their inner child and decorate sidewalks and distribute our literature in the final days. 

Getting Out The Vote (GOTV)

The election cannot be won without a strong turnout of our supporters. And to do that, we are going door-to-door to encourage friends of Schneider Oversen Mock to vote. The training is simple and the activity is fun. Best of all, you’re visiting with friends of the campaign! Sign up for 1 shift, or join us for multiple shifts. The choice is yours!

Victory Party

Our Victory Party is in need of volunteers to help with setup. Iola Kvasager leads the charge with decorations, but we’re looking for more volunteers to help on Monday afternoon with the setup of our event. Involves hanging signs, moving decorations, and getting a room ready for the biggest celebration in Grand Forks!

Of course you are all invited to join us on November 6th beginning at 8:00pm for the Grand Forks Democratic-NPL Victory Party, hosted at the Ramada Inn (in the heart of District 42). Bring your friends and family to our celebration — where we will watch election results from across the country, enjoy each other’s company, and relax after many (long) months of campaigning. 

Thank you all for your support and willingness to help send Sen. Mac Schneider, Kylie Oversen, and Rep. Corey Mock back to Bismarck to work on our behalf!