Corey Mock

Month: September 2012

Celebrate UND’s Homecoming with Rep. Corey Mock

Nothing says “Welcome home, UND!” like parade candy and dog treats. Join State Representative Corey Mock, Senator Mac Schneider, and Kylie Oversen on October 13, 2012 at the Chester Fritz Auditorium for this year’s Homecoming Parade.

All volunteers that walk with the “Schneider Oversen Mock” parade entry will be given the infamous “I (heart) ND” t-shirt as a token of our appreciation for their support.

Learn more about this year’s Homecoming parade at the event listing.

USS North Dakota Crest Unveiled

The USS North Dakota, our country’s first Virginia-class nuclear submarine and the namesake of the 39th state in our union, has been given a crest that we can all enjoy.

Not only is the crest¬†aesthetically¬†impressive, it’s laden with historical elements that pay tribute to our state and our country’s proud Naval forces.

The basic design of the crest is that of an arrowhead. Along either side are stalks of wheat bordered by two mottos: “Strength from the soil,” from North Dakota’s state motto, and “Reapers of the Deep,” the submarine’s motto.

On the top of the crest beneath the boat’s name, an evening sky shows the constellation Orion, the hunter, above a silhouette of the state’s first naval namesake, a battleship, asail along the horizon.

The dusky sky blends into a pair of horse heads on either side with the submarine emerging forward from a field of blue.

Beneath the boat are a pair of six-shooters, one gold to represent the 15 officers and one silver to represent the 120 sailors comprising the crew. (Description credit: Brian Gehring, Bismarck Tribune.)