Corey Mock. A leader for Grand Forks.

For nearly a decade, Corey has made headlines and national news in his fight for ethics reform in North Dakota. But the pride of his work begins at home: serving his neighbors in Grand Forks.


Lighthearted. Imaginative. Woo. Corey Mock is an eclectic optimist with an aversion to the word "no." Learn more about Corey and his family here.


North Dakota can become the leader in diverse and sustainable economic growth -- we're poised with rich natural resources, a strong work ethic, an agricultural backbone, and renowned academic facilities. Corey believes that Grand Forks, including our air force base, university, public-private partnerships, and entrepreneurial spirit, holds the key to North Dakota achieving our full potential.


Winston Churchill famously said "we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." Corey puts belief into action by advocating for Grand Forks' downtown, supporting our library, and empowering our young professionals.

Testimonials About Corey

On the Issues

Issues matter. And Corey has done his best to outline where he stands on the issues that matter most -- to you.

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Quality Education

Advocating for early childhood, K-12, college, and beyond

Every child deserves an opportunity to succeed -- and that starts with a quality education system. Corey believes in early childhood education, continued support for our public schools, and premier institutions of higher education that are affordable and accessible to North Dakotans.

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Business and Labor

North Dakota's economic backbone

While energy development makes headlines, agriculture has been a core driver of economy for generations. But we're more than a single industry state -- and Corey believes in diversifying our economy for long-term, sustainable growth.

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Ethics and Accountability

Campaign finance and ethics reform

North Dakota remains the only state in the country without an ethics or government oversight committee. Candidates and elected officials are permitted to accept unlimited campaign donations -- and there's absolutely no reporting of how campaign money is spent. And North Dakota has failed to ban personal use of campaign dollars. Not only does Corey believe this to be wrong for North Dakota, but he has led the fight for ethics reform since he was first elected in 2008.

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Corey in the News

There's always something happening around our community -- and we're here to showcase our hard work. Take a look at recent stories highlighting Corey's accomplishments in and around Grand Forks.